What Should Motorcyclists Do In Truck Accidents?

When you are a motorcyclist who has been in a truck accident, we know you are likely devastated. Even the fact that you could walk away from an accident like this is incredibly unlikely. However, if you have suffered from major injuries after an accident with a truck and you are not sure who to call, you should speak with the trusted truck accident attorneys to see what they can do for your needs after an accident. We know that the shock of this type of accident likely will not wear off any time soon and any injuries you have sustained could take weeks, months, or years to heal. If you would like to see what we can do for you legally, please give our office a call.

Are truckers ever hurt in these kinds of accidents?
Absolutely. Although the truck is a much larger vehicle than your motorcycle, it is certainly possible that the truck driver also sustained minor to severe injuries from the accident. That said, the bigger the truck, the less likely they are to feel the impact and the more likely you are to experience most of the force of impact. Unlike a truck, a motorcycle provides its rider with virtually no safety. You cannot expect the same airbags or walls that you would get if you were driving a car, which is why it is also up to the rider to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to riding their motorcycles. 

Is it possible to avoid these collisions?
A truck, especially a semi-truck, will likely have a hard time seeing a motorcycle rider because they are much smaller and faster. Both the truck driver and the motorcyclist are responsible for maintaining safety and following rules of the road when they are driving. That said, truck drivers and motorcyclists should be doing everything they can to ensure they drive in a safe manner.

  • Avoid Driver Fatigue. One of the number one ways truck drivers get into accidents is because they are running on low to no sleep. Motorcyclists, too, should avoid riding for longer stretches.
  • Know Your Blind Spots. Be wary about the truck’s blind spots. They are larger than a motorcyclist and a motorcyclist should make their presence known, if possible, when attempting to legally pass a truck. 
  • Follow Traffic Signs. One of the most important things any driver can do is follow traffic signs. 

What kind of injuries can a motorcyclist sustain after a truck accident?
While many people may think that a motorcyclist is lucky to walk away from a truck accident, the motorcyclist may not feel so lucky. There are many horrible injuries that can leave a rider temporarily or permanently injured, including:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Broken spinal cord
  • Brain injuries
  • Bruises or lacerations
  • Internal bleeding

Whatever kind of injury you are facing after a collision with a truck, you should speak with a truck accident attorney, like a truck accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ.

Thank you to the experts at Kamper Estrada, LLP, for their insight into truck accident law.