The Time It Takes to Settle a Wrongful Death Case

When someone you love passes away, it’s a hard circumstance to take in. When you add to the situation the fact it could have been prevented, it becomes even harder to deal with. If your loved one passed away and you feel it was due to the negligence of another individual, you could take the case to court. Wondering how long a case like that would take? It depends on the details, but the following are some basics of a wrongful death timeline.

Strength of the Case

Some cases are extremely black and white when it comes to wrongful death. The facts all point to negligence, there are multiple professionals to back up the story and there are plenty of witnesses to what occurred, how it occurred and when it occurred. In that type of situation, you would probably have a strong case that could be won in just a short amount of time, possibly even just a few months.

If your case isn’t quite as clear, perhaps there are some things that can be reasonably argued by the other party, your case may not be as strong as you would like. Maybe there are professionals on both sides who feel they can prove a case, leaving it in the hands of a judge or jury. That situation would leave you with a little less strength to your case. It could take anywhere from two to four years to settle; sometimes more and sometimes less.

Should You File a Lawsuit?

Only you and your lawyer can decide whether filing a lawsuit will be worth it in the end. You should speak with your lawyer about the strength of the case, the estimated dollar amount you might win and all the legal fees associated with fighting the case. If it doesn’t add up to much in the end, you may choose to just settle outside of court for less, or not pursue it at all. If it does add up, and you feel it worth the time, your lawyer can help you move forward with it.

Contacting the Professionals

For answers to your questions, it’s important you contact a wrongful death lawyer. Only a professional can give you the right information you’re looking for. Whether you’re worried about the amount of time it will take to pursue a case or damages you could recover, speaking with a wrongful death lawyer in Des Moines, IA is typically the best first step to take. Contact your attorney today to get started.

Thanks to Johnston | Martineau, LLP for their insight into personal injury claims and the time it takes to settle a wrongful death case.