Will My Asbestos Suit Take Forever?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with an asbestos-related illness is stressful enough without having to worry about things like bills, medical care, and when you can get a settlement to help with all of it. The sooner you can get the money you need to cover day-to-day expenses the sooner you can shift focus to healing physically and mentally. The good news is with the right asbestos lawyer, your case doesn’t have to be a drawn out one. The trick is making sure you choose an attorney with strong experience in representing your type of case and getting people like you the money they deserve for their suffering. While there’s no set timeline for how long an asbestos lawsuit can take, the right attorney can play a big role in expediting things.

Asbestos Litigation

Whether you end up in court or reach a settlement, an asbestos case can have unique challenges. One reason is that mesothelioma, the main illness associated with asbestos exposure, may not show up until 40 years after the fact. Plaintiffs in these cases may have very short statutes of limitations but the typical case can be full of lengthy legal proceedings. Courts realize, however, that asbestos-related illnesses can be very serious and most have prioritized settling these cases as quickly as possible – but that only works if you have a good attorney by your side. Some of the main steps that your attorney will take include:

  • Confirming things like your diagnoses and the nature of the asbestos exposure
  • Filing your claim in the proper court
  • Talking to your previous employer
  • Reaching the best settlement for you

Mesothelioma cases nearly always result in a large settlement, but an attorney experienced in expediting such cases is key to ensuring you and your family are promptly compensated. Hire the wrong attorney and you could leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the bargaining table.

Expediting Your Asbestos Case

Mesothelioma is a serious illness with a swift and high mortality rate. Because of this unfortunate truth, courts will often empower an asbestos attorney to get their case heard quickly. The goal is to get the victim compensation for their current bills and help secure their family’s future. Exposure the asbestos can take decades to manifest, but can quickly take your health downhill. If you’re coping with mesothelioma and looking at a mountain of medical bills, now is the time to reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Charlottesville, VA. Your peace of mind is worth it.

Thanks to MarinWren, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and asbestos suits.