When To Seek Medical Attention After an Accident

Car Accident Lawyer

After getting in an accident, you may be dazed and overwhelmed. The process of filing insurance claims, the prospect of losing time off work and the stress of how much it all will cost may have you stressed. One thing you may not have paid much attention to is how you physically feel. You’ve had a headache, or your back isn’t quite right, you don’t believe any of it warrants a trip to the doctor. However, depending on the state, if you don’t seek medical attention within the first 14 days after an accident, you may wind up out of luck when it comes to medical coverage.

Personal Injury Protection

In some states, your car insurance comes with something called, “PIP” which is short for Personal Injury Protection. Depending on where you live, it may be included in your policy, or you may have to add it as a rider. Either way, PIP may cover up to 80 percent of a person’s medical expenses and even wages lost due to the accident no matter who is at fault for the accident. In a no-fault state, PIP becomes crucial in paying for your injuries after a crash.

Two Weeks To Seek Help

Under some state statutes, a person only has two weeks to get medical attention from any provider or else they lose the right to file a claim under PIP. If you aren’t injured at all, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, if you are ignoring symptoms, like a constant headache or a sudden back pain that won’t go away, you could be placing yourself in danger of having to foot the entire bill yourself.

Get Checked

To preserve your rights under PIP, take yourself to the doctor and get examined. It can be your family doctor, a walk-in facility, emergency room or chiropractor. No matter what way you go, tell the provider about the accident. Make sure you give an exact account of the incident and what you’ve been feeling since. The medical record may come into play in the future if you find that you’ve suffered internal injuries down the road, such as a slipped disc. You may not believe a trip to the doctor after a fender bender is necessary. However, since you don’t know the real effects the force of the impact had on your body, it is a good idea to get checked out right after the crash. Even if a doctor finds nothing, you have preserved your rights to use your PIP insurance should you find that the accident did cause problems. Get with a car accident lawyer in Central Phoenix, AZ and get the facts about how best to protect yourself.

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