How to Get the Help You Need After a Car Accident

Car accident injury chiropractorSeeking the help needed after a car accident involves not only dealing with the legal side of things, but taking care of your health as well. It is common for car accidents to have a lasting impact on your life- physically and financially- but those effects can be mitigated by leveraging options to recover more quickly. It is important to know that choosing who handles your case, legally and medically, can have a large impact on the outcome.

When it comes to dealing with the physical ailments of a car accident, emergency care and timeliness of care should be highest priority. After the accident, it is important that you be examined by a trained professional with the experience to properly diagnose your ailments. The physical examination performed by a doctor after your accident will determine what, when and how much medical care is applied to improve- or resolve- your condition. Choosing an experienced professional to handle any type of accident, especially a car accident, is always a wise decision. Doctors with experience in car accident cases are more likely to accurately diagnose your condition and suggest options that have worked for patients, in the past, with similar ailments.

If your case is handled and cleared (negative for fractures, brain bleeding and spinal cord involvement) by an Emergency room doctor, but you still have pain it is important to continue medical care.  Especially since you may not have felt the pain for a day or two after the accident (and may have refused medical care at the time). Some of the musculoskeletal structures commonly injured in a car accident include: muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, spinal discs and peripheral nerves.

Healthcare professionals who address these concerns include, but are not limited to: Medical Physicians, Neurologists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists.  An up and coming approach to medical care after a car accident, Chiropractic services, has been found to be highly successful and has demonstrated improvement to musculoskeletal conditions in a short period of time. Chiropractic is gentle, yet effective at addressing multiple causes of post car accident pain.  

Even if you don’t feel pain right away, you should check in with a doctor or chiropractor to make sure you won’t have any lasting damage. Injuries aren’t always apparent right off the bat, but a skilled professional will be able to tell if there’s something that should be addressed. Waiting too long can make problems worse, which in turn makes the recovery time longer, so patients should try to get checked out as soon as possible after getting in an accident.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Premier Chiropractic Clinic for their insight into receiving treatment after a car accident.