Signs of a concussion after a car accident

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Concussion is the most mild form of brain trauma, as a brain injury lawyer Delray Beach, FL trusts can attest to.  According to WebMD, the most common symptoms of concussion are confusion or feeling dazed, clumsiness, slurred speech, nausea or vomiting, headache, balance problems or dizziness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, sluggishness, ringing in ears, behavior or personality changes, concentration difficulties and memory loss.  Most concerning is that signs of a concussion may not appear immediately. It is possible that symptoms will not begin to manifest until days or even weeks following injury.

Whenever a person sustains a blow to the head in a motor vehicle accident it is critical for that person to be seen by a physician for treatment at the time of the incident and as soon as practical once concussion symptoms begin to appear.  Some symptoms are obvious to the individual suffering them. A person knows when they are sick to their stomach. A person realizes when their ears are ringing or if they are needing sunglasses or to dim the lights more often. Behavior changes are less obvious to the person exhibiting them.  One may feel that they are simply reacting to the stress, cost, inconvenience and normal fear that follows a motor vehicle accident. It is important for those who have possible concussion to pay attention to those around them who knew them prior to the injury. Often, family members and co-workers will notice a greater degree of clumsiness, forgetfulness, or agitation.  A person who has sustained a blow to the head should pay attention to the feedback of those around them and make the information known to their family physician.

Concussion symptoms in young children can be extremely difficult to pick up on.  Slurred speech and balance problems can seem normal in toddlers and growing children.  Behavior changes in teenagers should also be monitored. An outgoing child involved in activities and clubs who loses interest or whose grades begin to fail may be having symptoms related to the head injury as opposed to going through a phase.  Parents of a child who has been involved in a car crash should not worry that their concerns are unjustified. It is always a better practice to provide the child’s pediatrician with the details of the collision and ask if the symptoms observed are a result of the child simply growing or if there is a possible concussion underlying the change in behavior.

There are similar difficulties diagnosing elderly crash victims.  People who may be slowing down naturally as they age may not realize that a concussion is impacting their memory and behavior beyond what should normally be expected.  Again, those with whom the person has frequent interactions both before and after an accident will be best positioned to point out any changes an older victim may be exhibiting.

Even a mild bump on the head can cause damage and injury to the brain.  Anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident who sustained any head injury should be observed for several months before determining that no injury is apparent.



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