Who you can expect from a PI case

Personal Injury Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Personal injury attorneys come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some work in large upscale offices and others work in small or shared office space.  Some personal injury attorneys only work on personal injury cases and others incorporate personal injury into a practice that may include other areas of the law such as probate, juvenile or criminal law.  Attorneys and doctors are similar in that they do not come in a one size fits all package. Attorneys are human beings with personalities and characteristics that a client may or may not feel comfortable with.

When selecting a personal injury lawyer Delray Beach, FL trusts, a client should take several factors into account.  First and foremost, is the client treated with respect and dignity by the attorney and staff.  Second, does the attorney have the experience to handle your particular personal injury matter.  It’s quite likely that a personal injury attorney who works primarily in the area of motor vehicle accidents will not be the best fit for a case involving injuries sustained at a concert or sporting event.  Just as an attorney interviews a client, a client should consider the first meeting an interview as well. Some people are able to communicate with each other clearly and effectively. But, we all run into people where that clear line of communication is never established.  Both the attorney and personal injury client are well served in determining from the start what communications each expects from the other.

A personal injury attorney and his staff will collect a great deal of information from the client in order to build an effective case.  Attorneys will look not only at prior health history and past injuries, but also into past behaviors, lifestyle, work habits, living arrangements, and other lawsuits which the client has been involved in either as a plaintiff or defendant and this will include any past workers compensation claims as well.

In addition, personal injury attorneys spend a great deal of time researching not only the applicable statutes and regulations involved in each case, but the underlying events which brought on the injury.  A personal injury attorney representing a client hurt at a construction site will need to have a basic understanding of the construction industry. A personal injury attorney representing a client hurt at an amusement park or while using a particular tool or machine will need to educate themselves as to the specific location of injury or piece of equipment.  Because personal injury claims are typically handled on a contingent fee basis, clients frequently are unaware of the time and effort expended by attorneys and staff in getting up to speed in an industry they may otherwise not be familiar with.

Finally, personal injury matters like many other types of legal matters are often lengthy in process.  It is necessary for attorneys and their staff to communicate regularly with clients and provide the most current information available.  It is equally necessary for clients to understand how the legal process works. There are many steps between sending the first notice of claim and achieving a settlement and a client should feel comfortable that they understand the information being provided by his or her attorney.  When both parties are forthcoming with information and have clear expectations of one another, the attorney-client relationship hums like a well-oiled machine.



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