Will my totaled motorcycle be covered?

If your motorcycle was totaled in an accident caused by another driver, you may have a lot of questions regarding not only compensation for injuries, by its compensation for your totaled motorcycle. Tort Law is a common law in the United States used when injuries, damages, or any type of loss comes out of an accident.  Tort is an act that result in harm to another individual and is considered to be a horrible wrongdoing in which many courts are able to force liability on the driver that caused the accident and damages. When this law is used, you will receive compensation for your totaled motorcycle.

How the Motorcycle is Determined to be Totaled

Obtaining compensation that is fair for any damage on a motorcycle can be tough because many factors come into play when determining if they motorcycles totaled.  If the bike cannot be repaired in a safe and cost efficient manner, it is deemed to be totaled. If the cost associated with repairing the bike is greater than the value of the bike itself, and the damage done to the motorcycle is so severe that is not considered safe to associated regulations of the state laws, it is deemed totaled.

Losses Commonly Compensated

When financial compensation is given in an accident case it actually depends on the circumstance of the accident itself what will be rewarded. Medical bills, physical disability, any kind of property damage or loss, emotional distress, physical disfigurement and general pain and suffering are the main examples in which conversation is often rewarded. Negligence plays a huge part in determining whether not you will be compensated for a total water sample.

Contacting an Attorney

If an insurance company intends to declare a motorcycle as totaled, it does not always guarantee that you’ll receive a fair and just settlement.  Insurance companies are in business because exists to make money for the shareholders, and not those filing claims against them. A way in which insurance companies increase their profits is to limit the amount of money that they can spend on claims, including the claims that seek payment for totaled vehicles and motorcycles.  You may want to contact an attorney so that you can be sure to get a fair compensation for your claim. Many people who do not involve a lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer trusts, in their motorcycle accident cases end up with less money than those who do even after attorney fees are taken into consideration.