Insight on Letters of Protection

Should you treat under a letter of protection? In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons of treating under an LOP. A letter of protection is a specifically worded document that delays the collecting of medical expenses from a medical provider. Insurance companies do not pay for medical treatment as you are treating. Once treatment is complete, your attorney, like a personal injury lawyer Arlington, TX trusts, will gather all of the necessary documents with bills and records. It will be put into a formal demand and sent to the opposing insurance company. They will then evaluate your claim and make an offer. So what are the pros and cons of treating under an LOP?

The biggest pro would be that the cost of medical treatment is delayed until the end of your case. Depending on the length of your case this could be 2+ years. If the accident has put you in a hard place financially, this would be beneficial as it would come out of the settlement at the end and you do not have to pay out of pocket for the expenses.

Not only does treating under an LOP help with out of pocket expenses but the doctor could possibly significantly lower the bill. Sometimes up to fifty percent. Which will also give you more in your pocket money. Most LOP doctors will also provide trial testimony, whereas regular doctors that you visit do not want to close down their practices for a trial as they may be the only doctor.

While the doctors are willing to go to trial for you, the opposing counsel could also try to argue that the doctor will give the testimony in favor of the patient because there is a relationship with the attorney and they want to get paid. In some cases doctors who work under an LOP do not have the same credibility as doctors who do not treat patients under an LOP.

A letter of protection does not protect you from paying the bill at all, it just delays the payment until after your case has been completed. In the unfortunate case that you do not win, the medical expenses are still there and you are still responsible for paying.

In conjunction with all of the listed benefits of a letter of protection there are others. Medical records are by far easier to retrieve as well as affidavits. This absolutely cuts down on the time frame of your case. Even scheduling appointments are easier with a letter of protection. Your attorney and the doctor usually have an established relationship and along with that the benefits of both parties.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC for their insight into letters of protection