Personal Injury – Parking Lot Accidents

It is the duty of the shop owner or a contracted entity to ensure that their property is safe from dangerous conditions, to include poor property upkeep.  You may think that it is your duty alone to make sure you are safe, that is an incorrect assumption.  It is the job of the owner of the establishment to ensure that their premises are safe for patrons and employees.  The property owner can likely be held responsible for the actions of third party vendors, only an attorney, like a skilled Dekalb County car accident lawyer, can best determine what, if anything should happen.  In the event there are documented issues on a property and the property owner fails to take measures to adequately protect patrons, visitors, or other people who are allowed to be on the premises, the property owner may be held responsible for injuries sustained from falls or injuries that happen on their property.

        Property owners would be liable for a customer’s harm if they had acted negligently (i.e. failing to provide adequate security).  As a victim, you wonder how to prove that a property owner’s negligence contributed to your injuries. Initially, you may be required to show that a pattern of negligence that existed—as this should prompt a property owner to review their property.  If trip over debris that is left in the parking lot, for example, you could make a case for poor maintenance 1) a similar occurrence happened previously on the premises and 2) the property owner had failed to implement safety measures that would prevent future accidents.

Such measures may include any of the following:

  •      Improving their outdoor lighting
  •      Hiring additional security guards
  •      Installing outdoor security cameras
  •      Building a fence around the perimeter
  •      Creating new security protocols

In the event a friend or family member has been involved in an accident involving a cart corral, a parking wedge, or moist pavement not identified by a sign, you may need to speak with professional to find out what, if any leverage you may have in situation.  By consulting a professional, you are giving yourself an opportunity to find out your rights and to determine if you can get assistance with pain and suffering, loss wages, or medical bills.  Attorneys are likely familiar with any circumstance you have experienced and can better advise you on what the next step should be and assist you with attempting to figure out what monetary monies may be due to you.

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