Physical Therapist Malpractice

Physical Therapists are known for their unique practice of medicinal arts. Individuals who have been in car crashes, injured in a sports related situation or dealt with any form of muscle pain have been presented with the opportunity to receive treatment from a Physical Therapist. While most treatment is deemed as helpful by clients, there will always be an individual that claims their pain worsened because of their visit to the Physical Therapist. The possibility that you were injured by the Physical Therapist himself is there, but it is very small. Misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment involving manipulation of the legs, neck, back, or arms are possible as well.

Physical Therapists are so deeply trusted because they are known to help with such a wide variety of injuries. Car accidents, slip and falls, and sports injuries are among the most common. Although they are not considered doctors, Physical Therapists must uphold their reputation that with their treatment pain will subside, and not worsen. Physical Therapist malpractice can occur when the Physical Therapist fails to assess and treat an injury correctly, and does not provide the care necessary to ensure injury prevention for the patient. There have been cases of malpractice in which individuals have sustained spinal cord injuries, torn tendons and muscles and even herniated discs due to chiropractic negligence.  

In the event that a Physical Therapist is negligent, you should reach out to a personal injury attorney to help determine the laws in your state regarding chiropractic malpractice. Many states follow the rules of medical malpractice lawsuits, and failure to follow these rules will lead to a case being dismissed.

Per example, in many states you must obtain a second opinion on the standard of care received. You may visit your doctor to do this and they can assess your injury to see if it was caused by the original accident or not. Most states also require that you submit your case to be reviewed by a panel before you even pursue a lawsuit within two to three years of the injury.

Filing a lawsuit against a Physical Therapist by yourself is a difficult task and should not be taken lightly. A Physical Therapist will most likely take longer and fight harder against an individual who is not represented by legal counsel, so hiring a personal injury attorney can increase your chances of a fair and equal trial. Ensuring you are working with an experienced physical therapist in the first place is always recommended such as the Physical Therapist Rockville, MD locals turn to.

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