Personal Injury — Wrongful Death From Hurricane Season

During hurricane season, anything could happen and anything does happen.  Everyone takes precautions to ensure that both they and their family members are safe.  Despite the countless warnings and alerts, some people were either unable to leave their homes.  While all of the consideration was taken to ensure that everyone was safe, incidents occurred that superseded the expectation of meteorologists and lay people alike.  Downed power lines, flooding, and falling trees were just a few of the complications brought on by the storm.  The elderly and children were likely the most vulnerable in that they are the ones most likely to need assistance.  The storm preparation included evacuating areas where flooding was likely, getting perishable food and water from the store, and securing flashlights and batteries in the event of power outages.

For example, with the recent storms and the loss of power, countless entities got involved to ensure that those who could not take care of themselves were aided.  Despite the countless measures that were taken, there were still people who were either left alone or left alone too long and subsequently succumbed to injuries.  While it is an unfortunate situation, this is a situation where someone was failed and accountability must be imposed.  If you or someone you know lost a loved one due to the negligence or absence of care of a nursing home or medical care facility, you may need to speak with an attorney.


The only way to be certain of the laws in your state and to quickly have the situation accessed, you must reach out to an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer Dekalb County GA relies on, in your area who can better advise you on the matter.  An attorney will be able to better explain your rights.  Any entity deemed responsible for the loss of a loved one due to negligence or poor care, an attorney can aid you with addressing the matter and moving forward to gain both clarity and seek compensation for the loss.  If you or someone you know has recently experienced a loss due to the negligence of someone else, an attorney with wrongful death or personal injury experience will be able to review the facts of the case and direct you on what will happen next.   Your attorney will be able pinpoint the issue, determine what your options are, and with your help, devise a course of action that will aid in getting you the compensation you deserve.


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