What is Forensic Accident Reconstruction?

Car accidents have risen significantly over the last few years. In Arizona, there was a 6% increase in deaths caused by car crashes last year alone! Forensic accident reconstruction gives lawyers the ability to examine for negligence by either party that caused an accident. Reconstruction of an accident quickly became a vital part in personal injury claims, because now there are experts that are trained with the latest software that can recreate a car accident. 3D technology is used in order to reconstruct a car crash. Whatever the findings are, they may be used in order to confirm a witness is telling the truth, determine any flaws within a witness’s testimony, show impact related to injury, and even in some cases determine fault. Forensic accident is most commonly used in pedestrian related car accidents.  Determining the force of the impact and assessing the crash in all five kinds of pedestrian accidents, like fender accidents, forward projection accidents, roof vault accidents, somersault accidents and wrap trajectory accidents is very beneficial. Another common accident that forensic accident reconstructions helps with a lot is car accidents between cars and larger vehicles like buses or semi trucks. Often times, the sheer size of the truck or bus, their center of gravity being higher, and their momentum are all taken into account when forensic accident reconstruction techs determine the severity of impact.

Injuries That May Require a Personal Injury Attorney

There are many injuries that may require the aid of a personal injury attorney. Injuries that are especially severe or serious, like if your leg was broken or you incurred horrible back pain. A personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for medical expenses for the past, present and future. Injuries that cause you permanent damage or result in your being permanently disabled will definitely require an attorney. A personal injury attorney will fight for lost wages, emotional damages, and medical expenses to ensure that you get the most you receive in a settlement. You may also need to obtain an attorney if your insurance company declines to offer any monetary compensation.

The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important that you hire an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer can count on, rather than pursue a settlement alone because personal injury claims can be very complicated when it comes to forensic accident reconstruction. If you do not have an attorney, you will most likely not receive any accident reconstruction and fault may be placed on you.