Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Joint Injuries

As a chiropractor Gaithersburg MD trusts can tell you, joint injuries can happen to almost anyone. and if someone else’s negligence caused that injury, you may have recourse for compensation.

Joint Injuries

Joints can be damaged when they are subjected to unnatural forced movements, and this damage can be either temporary or permanent. If you’ve been injured and suspect that a tendon or ligament has been damaged, it’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible. Delaying treatment can cause even more damage to the joint and could even lead to a permanent injury.

Many different types of accidents can result in joint injuries. Slip and fall accidents, car accidents, bicycling accidents, and workplace accidents can all result in joint injuries. Even a minor joint injury can cause a great deal of pain. Symptoms often include inflammation, redness, instability, limited motion, swelling, and stiffness.

Common types of joint injuries include:

●      Rotator cuff injury (shoulder injury)
●      Tennis elbow
●      Knee injuries
●      Dislocation
●      Sprains

Determine Liability

In any personal injury claim it is imperative to prove that another party was negligent or acted wrongly in some way, and that this action (or failure to act) directly led to your accident and injury.

Even though the accident was not your fault, you’ll have to prove that the at-fault individual or company was negligent in their actions. It can be helpful to collect as much evidence of your injury as possible. Photos and medical records are two examples of strong pieces of evidence in a personal injury claim.

Settlement or Trial?

An experienced personal injury lawyer may first try to negotiate a settlement after filing a claim. This is often preferable for all parties involved. For an injured victim, reaching an early settlement can be very beneficial. The process tends to be much faster than a trial case, and obtaining the settlement money quickly can help to cover medical bills. However, in cases where a settlement cannot be reached, it’s important to have a lawyer who is willing to go to court. Trials can be time-consuming and expensive, but in cases where the victim suffered severe injuries, it may be critical to obtain a fair settlement awarded by a judge or jury.

Joint injuries can be very painful and may make it difficult to accomplish daily tasks. If you’ve suffered joint injuries in an accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to a lawyer for legal counsel.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Pain & Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into joint injuries!