Can a lawyer help with insurance claims and treatment specifics?

Being in an accident is hard for anyone involved. Having a personal injury attorney there to help makes things easier, such as taking over speaking with the insurance companies and help get treatment set up. As long as you have information for the opposing party in your claim, you can give the information to you personal injury attorney and they are able to set up a claim with your insurance. A letter of representation will be sent over once you have retained with the attorney of your choice. This letter will make sure that the insurance company does not contact you or hassle you for any additional information or pressure you into signing anything. This can be for an opposing party insurance as well as your own.

Once you have retained a personal injury attorney, they are able to help set you up with treatment. Some attorneys have a close network of doctors that they work with and can set you up. Attorneys will always make sure that you get the treatment that is needed so that you are able to heal to the fullest potential. Making sure to gather all records and billing, with lost wages to be added to your demand.

Once you are finished treating, your personal injury attorney will request all information through your medical providers and put everything together in a nice package and send it to the insurance company. If there are any extra policies that the person who caused you pain has, your attorney can also find these. This package with all bills, records, and receipts will demand proper compensation for your accident. Negotiations will be started once the demand is received and reviewed by the insurance company which could include your own depending on the insurance coverage that you have on your own.

If there was not an acceptable offer made in your case, litigation will begin. A skilled car accident attorney Arlington TX counts on will file in a court on your behalf and serve the opposing party and will navigate Discovery, mediation, and depositions all the way through trial, while keeping an eye on your statute of limitations ensuring that it does not pass.

An accident can change your life, attorneys are here to help you through the trying time, taking some of the stress off of you and allowing you time to help you get your life back in order. Do not ever hesitate to ask a question or let them know how you are feeling. If you are still in pain let them know, they will be able to let your doctor know. Your attorney is there to help you and holds your interests over the insurance companies.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Brandy Austin Law Firm for their insight into personal injury practice.