3 Types of Common Personal Injury Cases

Car Crashes

This is the most common type of personal injury cases. We spend a lot of time in our cars, and people are not always careful drivers. Phone calls, texts, Facebook, or Google maps can distract drivers. And distracted drivers cause accidents. In addition, cars are dangerous objects. They are heavy so they carry a lot of momentum. Human bodies, on the other hand, are relatively soft and fragile. That means when cars collide, the passengers suffer the consequences. Car accident cases often require an in depth knowledge of your state’s insurance laws. Who is responsible, which insurance coverage apply, and who has to be paid back out any settlement are all questions that come up in all car crash cases. If you’ve been injured, you need a car accident lawyer relies on who understands the law. That way you can get the most compensation you are entitled to.

Slip and Falls

Whether on unmarked spills at retail stores or on snow and ice on sidewalks, falling can seriously injure you. In most states, landowners have a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors. This is particularly true for visitors who are paying to be there. When landowners fail to reasonably maintain their land, injuries can happen, and the landowner should compensate the injured person. That means paying for the person’s medical bills, his or her lost earnings, and the pain and suffering the person experienced. These cases can be difficult as people also have a duty to keep themselves safe and watch where they’re going. But with an experienced slip and fall lawyer on your side, it’s possible to achieve a good result.

Dog Bites

We all love our dogs. Unfortunately, that can blind some owners to the danger presented by their pets. Dog owners have a duty to keep the public safe from aggressive dogs. This is usually fairly simple: keep your dog on a leash in town, train it to be comfortable with strangers, and socialize it with other dogs. But not everyone follows this simple advice. And when dogs get out of control, injuries can happen. Dog bites often require emergency medical attention. That means medical bills. Dog owners who fail to control their dogs should foot those bills, not the person who is injured by the out-of-control dog. Many personal injury lawyers are experienced dealing with dog bite cases, and most offer free consultations. So you have nothing to lose talking to one to see if you have a case.