When your insurer lets you down

If you are like most homeowners, you have paid your insurance premium monthly for as long as you’ve had your home. Then comes the day when you need to file a claim and your insurance company does everything in their power to avoid paying that claim. Not only are you out the money from the claim, but you now have had to spend endless amounts of time fighting for them to do what’s right. Instead of battling one-on-one with your insurance company, consider contacting the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, PA. My practice is devoted to helping people just like you come out on the right side of these types of disputes.
Insurers goals and your goals: Two opposing views
As you have no doubt discovered, your insurance company is more than willing to accept your premium payments every month. However, when it comes time to pay a claim on your policy, there is little doubt they are fighting you every step of the way. Primarily, the reason for this is simple: The more an insurer pays out in claims, the worse it is for their bottom line. Insurers will scour every inch of your policy to see if there is a possible way out of settling a claim. Some common claims include:
Injuries on your property – if someone is hurt on your property and you file a claim on their behalf, your insurance company may fight that claim. Since most policies do cover liability, the insurer should rightfully pay this claim. However, it’s not that unusual for them to reject the claim; at least initially
Damage from storms – Florida is known for their brutal storms, even in summer weather. Oftentimes, your insurance company will try to fight the amount of the claim by trying to either prove the loss was not covered or by claiming the loss is excessive. In most cases, the courts will ultimately have to rule on the amount of the claim
Additional expenses claims – if your home is damaged due to a storm, chances are your homeowner’s policy covers living expenses while repairs are made. Insurers are often loathe to pay out on claims for housing and living expenses while repairs are made. However, as a policyholder, you have the right to expect the benefits you paid for
Confusing claims processes
Unfortunately, too often, insurance companies make the claims process so confusing that by the time you are done, you’re not even sure you have a valid claim to begin with. At the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, PA, we understand that most homeowners are not experts in insurance and as a result, the process for filing and being awarded a claim is often confusing and disconcerting. We can help make sense of the process and help you fight your insurance company.

When you are having difficulties with your insurance company, contact the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, PA. I will work with you to ensure your insurer holds up their end of your contract. Florida law dictates that if an insurer loses their claim in court, you do not pay for your legal fees. If you are uncertain about the process, call me for a free initial consultation and I’ll be happy to review your case.