Man Attacks Girlfriend With Scissors After Argument

A lovers’ spat quickly turned into a serious altercation, involving criminal charges and serious injuries. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, Joseph David Knowles is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and simple battery. Knowles was arrested on Monday for allegedly attacking his girlfriend with a pair of scissors. What provoked Knowles’ outrageous conduct was an argument that he and his girlfriend had earlier in the day.

Our Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer recognizes that aside from the criminal charges, Knowles also potentially faces a civil claim again him for injuries his girlfriend sustained from the attack. Local community members should remember that intentional harm–like that which allegedly occurred here–often gives rise to two kinds of legal cases: criminal and civil.

According to the arrest report, Knowles and his girlfriend were separated for the majority of the day. Knowles left their apartment after he and his girlfriend got into an argument. His refusal to return her phone calls after he left was indication that he was upset about events that transpired earlier in the day. Investigations reveal that Knowles had consumed six beers while he was out cooling down from the argument. Police officers noted in their report the strong smell of alcohol when they spoke to Knowles at the scene of the attack. Clearly emotions were at a high intensity level from the argument earlier in the day. .

As our Palm Beach County personal injury attorney understands, the consumption of alcohol often causes aggressive, risky, and reckless behavior, ultimately resulting in dangerous altercations that have the potential to cause serious injuries. The law has unique rules regarding how intoxication affects legal cases where the defendant’s state of mind is at issue. In virtually all cases the intoxication is in no way an excuse.

handcuffs.jpgAccording to the arrest report, Knowles returned to the apartment later that evening. He had allegedly barged into the bedroom where the girlfriend was sitting on the bed. Knowles then approached her and punched the lower part of her leg. Fearing for her safety, the girlfriend threatened to call the police, which prompted Knowles to grab a pair of scissors and poke her several times on the right shoulder.

Domestic violence and similar physical altercations are never acceptable in our area. Criminal charges are usually filed following these incidents. But, in certain circumstances, other legal options may be available to those hurt. No matter what, local residents should remember that when another causes them intentional harm–or harms them recklessly–the civil law can help provide redress and accountability.

Our experienced Boynton Beach injury lawyer has helped protect the legal rights of victims who have suffered injuries in any kind of accident. Please contact The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman for a free consultation if you have been hurt by the misconduct of another.

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