Florida Plane Crash Injures Five

A horrific scene unfolded in an Orlando supermarket this week when a small airplane crashed through the roof of the store. According to an article in the Claims Journal, two passengers on the aircraft and three customers at the grocery store were injured in the crash. The incident occurred around 7:20 on Tuesday evening, and eyewitnesses say that it was as though something had exploded inside the store. The impact was so severe that several people were knocked off their feet. plane.jpg

The plane and store caught fire immediately. Fueled by the aircraft’s exploding gas tank, the fire continued to blaze for more than an hour after firefighters arrived. Customers inside the store hurried through the smoke to get outside, where, for the first time, they saw the airplane and were able to identify what was happening. While most customers did not suffer any major injury, there were reports of several people, including the pilot and co-pilot, whose clothing was on fire. One shopper, a college student named Brendan Beitler, sustained burn injuries on his leg when his pants caught fire. Altogether, five people were hospitalized, but they are all expected to be released in the near future. Of course, even the people who sustained no physical injuries suffered a great deal of emotional trauma due to the fear and the horror of seeing people literally burning around them.

Our Palm Beach County plane crash lawyer knows that when something like this happens, the first question on everyone’s mind is, “What went wrong?” Flight technology has improved drastically over the past few decades, and now it is relatively rare to hear of a plane crashing. Therefore, when a plane does crash, people want to know why. The most likely answers to that question are (1) pilot error, (2) mechanical failure, or (3) both of the above. Sometimes, pilots make mistakes or fail to do something that they should, and this can result in the plane going down. Other times, something goes wrong with the engine or something else in the plane, and that is what causes the crash. Still other times, a plane can crash because there was a mechanical issue, and the pilot failed to respond properly, based on his or her training.

Whatever the reason, as our Boynton Beach injury lawyer can tell you, in plane crash cases, the cause almost always comes down to negligence. According to the article about this particular crash, there have been some initial indications that the plane was experiencing mechanical problems prior to crashing, but we will not know for sure until a full investigation can be completed. Either way, the people injured in this plane crash will very likely have a cause of action against the person or persons whose negligence ultimately caused this horrible incident to occur. They would be well advised to speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as they are physically able, so that they may be in the best position to assess their claim and obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

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