Fire Strikes Twice at Palm Beach Condominium

fire.jpgA condominium complex in suburban West Palm Beach was struck by fire for the second consecutive night. The building, a two-story four-unit condominium, is located south of Gun Club Road and west of Haverhill Road. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, fire-rescue crews were called to the first fire around 11:58 p.m. on Monday night. The cause of the fire is still reported to be unknown. Firefighters were called to a second fire at the same location at approximately 1:52 a.m. in the early hours of Wednesday. Again, investigations have yet to reveal the cause of the second fire. Our Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer understands that regardless of whether the cause of an accident is known, people will be injured in unfortunate situations like this, and they often have certain legal rights which allow them to be compensated for their suffering.

The building suffered serious damages from the first fire. Several bedrooms on the first floor of the building were completely destroyed. The only remains from a bedroom that appeared to be a young girl’s room were dresses hanging from a closet and teddy bears sitting on a dresser. From the observations of Scott Spudeck, who lives in the same neighborhood but in a different building, it can be surmised that the fire was more than just a minor blaze. Spudeck stated that on the night of the first fire, he heard an explosion and saw a “raging fire.” The presence of the fire was so forceful that Spudeck’s daughter suffered an asthma attack because she was so frightened.

From recent events in connection with the building, investigators suspect that the timing of the second fire was more than just a mere coincidence. Authorities from the Sheriff’s Office and the president of The Forest Condominium Association believe that the fire may be a result of someone targeting one of the building’s tenants. Just this past weekend, neighbors reported that a car burst into flames. Furthermore, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office have been called to the building twice in the past few months – once for a fire and the other for vandalism. Although it has not been concluded whether these incidents are related to the recent fires, suspicions are high.

Remarkably, no one was injured from either of the fires. Even so, the local chapter of The American Red Cross took the necessary precautions and came to the building equipped with emergency aid. Reports indicate that an unnamed adult was given lodging, food, clothing and recovery supplies by The American Red Cross. As an advocate of injured individuals in unexpected accidents, our Palm Beach injury lawyer shares The Red Cross’s immediate call to action to those who may have been injured in the fire.

Our experienced Boynton Beach injury lawyer has helped injured individuals in all types of accidents and recognizes that it is rare for all those caught in dangerous situations, such as the fires in this particular case, to come out unscathed. In less favorable situations where individuals suffer injuries from any type of accident, our Palm Beach County injury attorney can advise injured parties of their legal rights so as to help them in their recovery. Please contact The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman for a free consultation if you have suffered injuries in any kind of accident.

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