Automobile Crashes into Supermarket–Reminder of Ever-Present Car Accident Risks

Similar to the plane crash that was reported in our previous post, an unusual accident occurred at a Central Florida supermarket, injuring ten Palm Beach residents. Thelma Wagenhoffer, a 76-year-old woman, crashed into a Publix supermarket. According to an article in The Daytona Beach News-Journal, an investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol reveals that Wagenhoffer’s 2004 Toyota Camry “accelerated rapidly as it crossed the parking lot” and crashed into the Publix. After crashing through the glass doors, the vehicle continued to travel for at least another 40-50 feet. The incident occurred early in the afternoon on Saturday. Our Palm Beach County automobile crash attorney understands that these sorts of bizarre accidents happen more frequently than some might suspect. Innocent bystanders are often hurt in the process

Three of the injured remained hospitalized on Tuesday. Lupo Mario Hernandez, age 83, suffered the most serious injuries after being pinned beneath the car. He was rushed to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach and was reported to be in serious condition on Tuesday. The situation could have been worse for Hernandez had it not been for the incredible feat by a group of heroes who lifted the car off of him.

The victims who suffered minor injuries were treated and released from Florida Hospital Flagler over the weekend. Other injured parties who required more medical attention continued to recover at home on Tuesday, including Lasaunda Hampton. Hampton was one of the four people who took the first impact at the entrance of the supermarket. She had been sitting on the bench with her 3-month-old baby, Tyshawn Davis, who was strapped into his stroller. Miraculously, Hampton’s baby escaped the accident with just a minor bump on the head. car accident.jpg

Oddly enough, neither alcohol or mechanical problems were a factor in the incident. Like in many similar situations, our Boynton Beach injury lawyer recognizes that the cause of the accident likely stems from negligence. In fact, Wagenhoffer was charged with careless driving on Tuesday. Due to the severity of the injuries sustained by the people in the store, Wagenhoffer was ordered to appear in court. It is common for some form of civil traffic or criminal charge to follow after these incidents. Those charges are separate from any civil suit brought on behalf of those hurt in the ordeal.

Of course there are times when drivers have poor judgment and fail to exercise safe driving habits. Our Palm Beach automobile accident attorney understands that when drivers fail to exercise reasonable care while driving, they have failed to adhere to the basic rules of safe driving, and may be held accountable for the consequences of their actions.. From investigations that have been conducted thus far, it appears that Wagenhoffer simply lost control of her vehicle likely because of basic driving errors.

Those caught in these sorts of situations often face injuries that last a lifetime. It is important for those hurt to receive basic compensation to help in their recovery. Our Palm Beach personal injury lawyer at The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman has worked with many local residents hurt in similar incidents. We offer free consultation for individuals who have suffered injuries in all types of accidents.

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