Product Recall Alert: Pfizer Birth Control Pills Recalled

pfizer.jpgOur West Palm Beach injury lawyer brings you this story with the hope that you will pass it on to any friends and family that may be affected. Last week, prescription drug manufacturing giant Pfizer issued a recall for approximately 1 million packages of a birth control pill labeled as Lo/Ovral-28 and its generic version called Norgestrel. The company cited a problem with the packaging of the pills, which may result in the incorrect type of pill being taken on any given day throughout the cycle.

The pills are distributed in a package of 28, and women are instructed to take one pill at the same time every day, with the final week of each cycle consisting of inert pills. The active pills are most often employed to prevent the user from becoming pregnant, but they also have other uses, such as the regulation of hormones for some women. Pfizer has stated that some of the recalled packages may contain inert pills labeled as active pills or inert pills placed in the wrong position in the cycle. They also may contain extra pills. Any one of these scenarios could cause women to believe they are protected when they are not, which could result in higher numbers of unplanned pregnancies. Although the company believes that only about 30 packages were affected by the errors, they recalled about a million packages just to be on the safe side.

The issue was discovered in October of last year by a woman who noticed that the color-coded pills were not where they should be in her pill pack. In order to make it easier for women to remember to take the correct pill on the correct day, Pfizer makes the inert pills pink and the active pills white. When the woman noticed that there was a pink pill where there should have been a white one, she alerted the company, and an investigation was immediately initiated. The investigation uncovered some production problems that caused the packaging errors, and the company has taken steps to correct them.

The company and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have stated that no cases of unplanned pregnancy or other issues related to the recalled birth control pills have been reported thus far, but the recent recall may help any affected women to realize what went wrong with their birth control use. Because these particular types of drugs were prescribed to tens of thousands of women all across the United States over the last year, Florida women could very well be among those who purchased the recalled packages. Women should talk to their doctors right away if they think they may have taken these pills, and those who were affected in our area should consult a Boynton Beach drug recall lawyer immediately in order to determine whether their use of the defective pills gives rise to a claim against Pfizer. The lot numbers of the recalled packages, as well as instructions for what to do if you received one of them, are available on Pfizer’s website.

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