Man Claims Antidepressant Caused Him to Kill Girlfriend

Our West Palm Beach injury attorney is well aware of the reasons that controlled substances of all different varieties are so heavily regulated in the United States. Many of the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that Americans use every day provide invaluable benefits to people who are suffering from all kinds of illnesses and ailments. However, these drugs often come with side effects, which in some cases can be positively devastating. One need only spend a few minutes channel surfing to come across at least one television commercial promoting the latest drug to remedy everything from high blood pressure to arthritis and everything in between. But these same commercials, after telling consumers how beneficial the drugs are, also inevitably contain a laundry list of potential side effects, with some even warning of the possibility of death.

These side effects are not limited to physical conditions. On the contrary, many drugs, especially those designed for people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or another type of mental illness, can produce unexpected and sometimes dangerous effects on the patient’s mental processes. In some situations, such effects have caused patients to do things that they otherwise would never have dreamed of doing. pills.jpg

According to an article from the Palm Beach Post, attorneys for Alfred Infosino are arguing that this is precisely what happened to their client. Infosino, now 83 years old, is accused of beating his girlfriend Rita Chirel to death last year. After killing Ms. Chirel, Infosino called 911 and told the operator what had happened. According to courtroom testimony, Infosino appeared to be shocked at what he had done. His attorneys are trying to convince a jury that Infosino’s actions were the result not of his own will but of a psychotic break brought on by an anti-depressant drug known as Remeron or Mirtazapine. They claim that Infosino began exhibiting warning signs as early as two months before he attacked Ms. Chirel.

Our Palm Beach product liability lawyer, know that stories like this sometimes carry with them the possibility of civil claims in addition to the criminal charges brought against Infosino. If proper warnings were not provided for this drug, there is a potential for a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the drug. Although the story from the Palm Beach Post does not say whether such a warning was given, it still provides a valuable lesson on the importance of being aware of any possible side effects of the drugs you take and those that your loved one takes.

As personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach, we know all too well the dangers posed by a failure to monitor prescription drug use and effects properly. Given the current Florida nursing home crisis, careful monitoring by friends and relatives, even those without any formal medical training, has become of utmost importance. If your loved ones are taking any kind of prescription medicine, make sure that you and they know the dangers associated with those drugs. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and help them to identify any warning signs you see that they perhaps cannot.

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