Palm Beach Injury Lawyer Can Help Even When Cause of Injury In Question

Like most people, our West Palm Beach injury lawyer is quite familiar with the oft-quoted mantra that “flying is the safest way to travel.” Therefore, the rare news of a plane crash is rarely expected, and often startling. Obviously the consequences of these tragedies are severe, with survival only a occurrence for passengers and crew members. Against all odds, however, the pilot of a small airplane that recently crashed onto a local golf course was able to walk away from the wreckage. According to a report from ABC 25 out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, pilot Rob Malloy was flying his small aircraft over a golf course when the plane apparently suffered a decrease in power, lost speed, and caused Malloy to lose control. The plane glanced off the tops of some trees, spun around, and then crashed into the ground. Investigators are still looking into what caused the loss in power. Remarkably, Malloy was able to walk away from the crash, and no one else was harmed in the incident.

plane.jpgMany plane crash victims are not as fortunate as Malloy, and when plane crash injuries are sustained in our area, it is important for the victims or the close relatives of the victims to contact a Palm Beach personal injury lawyer in a timely fashion. The attorney will be able to explain the basic legal concepts that underpin all situations and determine what the best course of is to ensure that all of the individual’s rights are protected. In general, those hurt in these accidents can seek redress if they can show that another’s negligence caused the injuries. However, even in cases that are complex or contain a number of unknowns, the legal system may still be available to those who have been hurt.

For example, in certain types of cases, including but not limited to plane crash cases, it is not always possible to determine the exact cause of an injury or death. For this reason, it is sometimes possible to employ a legal concept called res ipsa loquitur, which means, “The thing speaks for itself.” The idea behind this concept is that there are some things that just do not happen without negligence, and therefore, a person who is injured in such a case can rely on a presumption of negligence without having to prove exactly what happened to cause the incident. So, for example, if a commercial airliner were to crash, and the cause of that crash was not able to be determined, a victim could still have a presumption that negligence occurred somewhere along the line to lead to that crash. Because, as a general rule, airplanes do not simply fall out of the sky without some kind of negligence, a crash “speaks for itself.”

There are other situations in which res ipsa loquitur may also apply. The availability of a variety of legal tools makes it important for all local victims to seek out a Palm Beach plane crash lawyer as soon as feasible. Our West Palm Beach injury lawyer, Attorney Eric Luckman can assess your case and help you determine what your legal rights are, who is responsible, and whether you should be compensated for your suffering. Sometimes, victims do not realize that they are entitled to compensation simply because they are not sure of the exact cause of their injuries. Taking a few minutes to discuss your case with a lawyer can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have all the facts.

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