Lawsuit Aims to Expose Inadequacies of Temp Lawyers

When meeting with a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer it is reasonable for all local residents to expect to have one-on-one meeting with their attorney and receive close, personal updates with the professional regarding their case. Of course, it is also reasonable for local clients to expect that their Florida injury attorney that they are meeting with is the one who is doing the work on the case and ensuring that everything is developing accordingly. Our office prides itself on this close, client-centered relationship–no residents should tolerate anything less.

However, this is not the case in many firms these days. Unfortunately, many local observers have explained how a new trend has developed where many law firms hire outside lawyers, and sometimes paralegals, to help out at the firm on a temporary basis, usually until the completion of a particular project or set of projects. In most cases, after a lawsuit has been filed, the parties go through a process called discovery, where each side is permitted to request certain documents and information from the other side. The parties must respond to these requests within a limited amount of time. Sometimes, where many different employees may have been involved, especially in cases involving big companies, the discovery responses can include thousands and thousands of pages of documents. These documents must be sifted through in a fairly short time, so law firms have gotten into the habit of hiring temporary lawyers who work as independent contractors and go through the documents in order to see if they contain any information relevant to the case.

Temporary lawyers do not work for the firms, but instead, they provide services on an hourly basis for as long as they are needed. Then they move on to other projects with other firms. Therefore, some of these lawyers are not as personally invested in the projects on which they are working, and more importantly, in the clients whom they are serving. folders.jpg

Recently, according to Staffing Talk News one such client launched a lawsuit against its own lawyers in which the client alleged that the firm’s use of temporary attorneys had been detrimental to the client’s case. Specifically, the client accused the firm of failing to provide adequate supervision over the temporary workers and said that because of the lack of proper supervision, the attorneys ended up turning over documents to the opposing party that were not supposed to be released. It remains to be seen how this case will be resolved, but it has the potential to limit the use of temporary attorneys in major cases throughout the country.

The case is also a reminder of the importance of ensuring that the attorney-client relationship is strong and personal. Our Palm Beach injury attorney at the Luckman Law Office prioritizes the one-on-one relationship he is able to develop with those seeking his help. Attorney Luckman recognizes the importance of giving the client’s the level of service promised without cutting corners. Knowing the details of every client’s case inside and out is what makes a Florida injury lawyer the best advocate he or she can be for the client. All local residents should ensure that they seek out a legal professional who can provide that level of commitment to ensure that the reach a fair, timely, and satisfactory legal outcome.

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