Attorney General Institutes Lawsuit Against Florida Attorney for Legal Malpractice

Florida Legal MalpracticeWith the economy’s rapid decline, many consumers, even those who once thought they had excellent job security, have found themselves unemployed and in dire straits. Some have had to rely on credit cards and have gone into debt trying to feed their families and maintain the lifestyles they had before losing their jobs. As the economy has continued to struggle many struggling families have seen their credit card balances grow. Now, many people are struggling to find their way out from underneath mounting debt, even while they continue to try to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs.

With so many consumers battling credit card debt, not to mention mortgage payments and student loans, there has been a glut of companies advertising themselves as loan consolidation experts. These companies target the most desperate and vulnerable of consumers, the ones with high credit card debt, especially those who are struggling just to keep up with the payments each month. In some cases, loan consolidation companies are legitimately helping people in need. However, all too often, these companies charge consumers a fee that can be as high as a few thousand dollars, but they do not deliver the results that they promised. Unfortunately, consumers who are victimized by such companies are often unaware that they have options for fighting back and recovering the fees they paid.

There are two main ways in which consumers can deal with these types of companies. The first is by contacting their state’s Attorney General. In Florida, the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office is available to field complaints about loan consolidation scams. You can even file a complaint online. This option really helps to make sure that others do not become victims of unscrupulous companies who are preying on the vulnerable.

Recently, the Attorney General of Indiana took action against a Florida lawyer, accusing him, in a lawsuit, of being involved in a loan consolidation company that took clients’ money upfront but failed to provide loan consolidation services. The Florida Attorney General’s office has also received more than 75 complaints about this same attorney, but, according to an article by the Palm Beach Post, those complaints were referred to the Florida Bar, the organization which is responsible for often dealing with accusations of Florida legal malpractice. In spite of all of these complaints, however, the lawyer is in good standing with the Florida bar, with no history of disciplinary action in the last 10 years. Therefore, relying just on the Attorney General or the Florida Bar to discipline rogue attorneys does not always prove very effective.

In order to ensure that dishonest lawyers are stopped and that consumers recover fees paid to unscrupulous lawyers, it is necessary to sue an attorney. In order to do so, it is important to hire a lawyer who has experience with Florida legal malpractice and other lawsuits against attorneys. These types of cases can be especially difficult. Finding an attorney to handle these cases can also be hard because many lawyers feel a duty to protect “their own,” which, unfortunately, sometimes surpasses their pursuit of what is right. The type of lawyer who handles Florida legal malpractice claims or any other kind of attorney lawsuit is one who is dedicated to seeking justice in every case and fighting for those who need help.

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