Florida Food Poisoning Scare Causes Stores to Pull Turkey From Shelves

Our Palm Beach food poisoning lawyer closely follows all reported instances of possible food contamination in our area. Dangerous bacteria often use food as a breeding ground. When that food is not properly prepared by manufacturers, restaurant owners, and other businesses that handle the product, then consumers are at risk of suffering serious illness. Improperly prepared food can cause a wide range of problems, from nausea and vomiting to paralysis and death. Millions of people are affected by food-borne bacteria each year. salmonella turkey outbreak

The Sun Sentinel recently reported on the latest Florida food poisoning scare involving contaminated ground turkey. The problem has affected residents throughout the country over the past few months. Officials from the United States Department of Agriculture are still working to understand the outbreak and determine the best way to keep consumers safe. Investigators currently believe the problem can be traced to a manufacturer from Kansas known as Cargill Meat. The company apparently sold 36 million pounds of turkey to Walmart and Aldi supermarkets that may have become contaminated with a fatal strain of salmonella. Tests at the manufacturing site indicated the presence of a strain of the bacteria known as salmonella Heidelburg–known to be resistant to antibiotics. The contaminated turkey was produced over a five and a half month period in the first half of 2011.

The report indicates that several Florida Walmart stores received the contaminated meat and local residents may have unsuspectingly purchased the dangerous products. Since learning of the problems all Walmart and Aldi stores have apparently emptied their shelves of the ground turkey. However, many residents may have purchased the product unsuspectingly before the recall was enacted. As a result, it is important for area residents to take special care with their consumption of ground turkey so that they do not fall victim to the Palm Beach turkey contamination. Fortunately there have been no Florida victims publicly identified yet. However, at least one person has died and over 75 illnesses have been reported in nearby states because of the salmonella strain.

Our Florida injury attorney has worked with many victims who have fallen ill because of bacteria-laden food. We understand the responsibility incumbent upon all food manufacturers to keep their products safe. Many residents may be unfamiliar with the way that lawsuits work in these situations. It is important to know that these businesses still maintain responsibility for the consequences of the contamination even after a recall is issued. When many people are harmed by an outbreak it is often treated as a “class action” lawsuit. A class action lawsuit is a legal action that combines many individuals harmed into a single case for efficiency reasons. This helps save resources by allowing a judge or jury to hear how a single case of contamination had wide-ranging consequences and affected dozens of people. Our Palm Beach food poisoning law firm has been involved in several class action lawsuits related to restaurants that have served contaminated food.

If you or someone you know may have been harmed by this salmonella outbreak or any other food poisoning be sure to seek medical help, preserve the dangerous food, and seek legal assistance to ensure your rights are protected.

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