Florida Fireworks Accidents Often Caused By Faulty Products

Summer is a time of fun and relaxation for many here in Florida. But as our Florida personal injury attorney knows, entertainment can turn dangerous all too quickly. Though the picnics and parades that were part of July 4th celebrations are just a distant memory now, the fireworks used to celebrate our independence are coming back to haunt some.

Recently a Florida woman was hospitalized after she was injured by fireworks. The morning started innocently enough. While her boyfriend was still sleeping, she discovered fireworks left over from the Fourth of July. As reported in the Miami Herald, the woman was attempting to dispose of the fireworks her boyfriend had purchased several months earlier when they unintentionally ignited. The woman was rushed to the hospital but doctors were unable to save her thumb and two fingers.

This tragedy reminds us that taking some basic steps can help prevent a Florida fireworks injury. It is always good practice to buy only legal fireworks, closely supervise children, keep water handy and move to a safe distance once the fuse is lit. While everyone using fireworks should take precautionary steps to limit the potential for danger, sometimes those steps are not enough. The sale of fireworks is illegal in many states, yet even with knowledge of the law, some unscrupulous businesses sell the inherently dangerous products. No one should ever be injured by an item they are attempting to throw out. fireworks

If you are injured by fireworks in our areas, it is always a good idea to contact a Palm Beach injury attorney. Many injuries are due to negligence on the part of the manufacturer or seller and are not the fault of the injured party. Because the makers and sellers of fireworks are often not held financially responsible for the damage they cause, there is little incentive for them to make fireworks safer for users. And many users of fireworks do not realize that they are entitled to safer products. Local residents who are hurt in these situations can often get help with the financial burdens associated with a serious injury by filing a Palm Beach injury lawsuit or seeking out an attorney to help negotiate with involved parties. Medical bills can be expensive, not to mention lost wages when work is impossible because of the resulting medical problems.

Another important reason to seek to hold those accountable is to create awareness of a problem. Many users of fireworks think if they are careful, they will not get hurt. But this Florida victim who was recently injured was not trying to light the fireworks when she lost three fingers; she was trying to dispose of them. The fireworks in question were not especially old, as they had only been purchased a few months earlier. When manufacturers and sellers of fireworks face the potential of paying for injuries caused faulty fireworks, they are more likely to make safer products. Safer fireworks are better for everyone. Using the legal system to obtain a monetary remedy for personal injuries, like those caused by poorly made fireworks, is more than just a financial gain for the injured party, it helps make everyone in society a little bit safer.

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