Serious Safety Violations Found At Palm Beach County Schools

Our Palm Beach injury lawyer has worked with many individuals who have been harmed because of poor property maintenance. Visitors have a reasonable expectation that their surroundings are safe when they are shopping at the grocery store, walking through a public building, or even visiting another’s home. Owners and operators of spaces generally have a duty to warn visitors of certain dangers that exist in the area and makes changes to eliminate those dangers. They can reasonably be held responsible for the harm caused when they fail in this duty.

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Maintaining a safe environment is particular important in public places where many people may be exposed to the risks. That is why a recent story in the Sun Sentinel regarding repeated safety violations at Palm Beach County schools is particularly alarming. The schools have come under intense scrutiny after a report noted that a staggering 2,837 violations had been found by a fire marshal.

Many of those problems were substantial structural and maintenance deficiencies–placing students at an unacceptable risk of injury. For example, one school, Lake Worth High, had 85 individual violations. Some rooms at the school were inaccessible to the fire department and had inoperable alarm systems. The school had been cited eight previous times for failure to fix the alarms system, yet the problem remains unresolved. Upon hearing the report one school board member explained, “I was hoping it would be little things, like a tear in the carpet, a loose doorknob, but some of the things that I found were pretty serious.”

Some of the problems are easily fixed while other will require detailed action plans. However, even some of the more simple changes have been cited year after year without correction. One school has safety doors that swing in the wrong direction–they have been cited for the problem for 14 straight years without change. Other problems include blocked exits, improperly illuminated exit signs, and barbs on fences.

A Palm beach lawsuit filed after one is hurt because property was not reasonably maintained is known as a “premise liability” case. These cases are a specific type of negligence claim where property owners fail to exercise the reasonable care required by law. They often arise when someone slips and falls, when inadequate security measures are taken, if individuals are exposed to dangerous mold, and many similar situations. Our Florida premise liability attorney is capable of helping victims of these incidents receive compensation for their losses.

The medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by these accidents can add up quickly–often putting families in dire financial straits. The law was crafted and refined over the years specifically to provide relief in these situations to those injured through no fault of their own. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to at least visit a Palm Beach injury attorney, share your story, and learn how the rules apply in your particular case.

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