Injured Toddlers At Center of Simply Thick Investigation

News continues to spread about the dangers posed to premature infants by the Simply Thick gel. As we have frequently explained, the product is under investigation for causing deadly intestinal problems in infants given the gel either at the hospital or at home. The problem is not regional, as our Simply Thick attorney is working with families across the country who have suffered problems linked to the product.

Earlier this week, WTHR News published a story on one girl that is involved in the FDA Investigation that remains underway following the voluntary Simply Thick recall. The now nineteen-month old child, Hannah Konkle, had to fight for her life after suffering from the intestinal disease known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

The child’s mother explained, “She started having a bloated stomach. She stopped stooling and on February 9th we were admitted to Riley’s Children’s Hospital and she subsequently had surgery for a disimpaction.” The young girl would ultimately have to undergo two surgeries before her condition stabilized.

The family immediately suspected that some outside substance must have caused her problem. The mother noted that “it had to be something she was ingesting. It had to be, because we’re talking about her bowel. It has to be something she’s ingested.”

At the time that problems began the young girl was consuming up to 18 packets of Simply Thick each day. However, it wasn’t until a few months later–in May–that the recall was issued. The family contacted the FDA upon learning about the problem and within two days FDA investigators visited the family and shared their suspicions about the potential connection between their daughter’s problems and Simply Thick. The family then learned how two infants had already died from NEC and at least fifteen other cases were under investigation.

The recall affected Simply Thick packets that were manufactured at a plant in Stone Mountain, Georgia. All of the packets that Hannah consumed were included in the recall. The FDA noted at the time that the Simply Thick recall was “a result of the company’s failure to ensure that harmful bacteria of possible public health significance were destroyed in the manufacturing process at that manufacturing plant.”

Our Simply Thick lawyer at the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman is helping families whose children have been harmed because of this dangerous substance. If you suspect that the gel may have injured your child or that of someone you know, be sure to contact a Simply Thick lawyer to share your story and learn the legal ramifications of this recall. It is also remains important to keep informed about all developments in the situation.

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