Simply Thick Recall May Involve Manufacturing Contamination By Harmful Bacteria

simply-thick 2.jpgLast week we shared information on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) warning about the thickening gel known as “Simply Thick.” It was explained how the consumer safety body had instructed the public against giving the product to premature infants. The administration is continuing to investigate the link between Simply Thick and the development of a fatal intestinal disease known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

Details are still being uncovered, but according to a story this week in the Holly Springs Patch, the problem may have stemmed from bacteria contamination at one of the manufacturing plants for the product. Specifically, the company voluntarily recalled all Simply Thick packets manufactured at its plant in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The FDA noted the reason for this Simply Thick recall declaring it to be “a result of the company’s failure to ensure that harmful bacteria of possible public health significance were destroyed in the manufacturing process at that manufacturing plant.”

Product liability cases like this are always particularly frightening because of the widespread risks that they pose to so many consumers across the country. Unlike single-incident accidents, failure of a company to ensure the safety of their product may place the lives of dozens or even hundreds of innocent individuals in jeopardy. There is no excuse for a potentially dangerous bacteria contamination to go uncorrected by the company.

The effects are already being felt in our area. Our West Palm Beach injury lawyer is working on behalf of a family that may already have been harmed by the dangerous Simply Thick. The local resident began giving her prematurely born infant the product upon the recommendation of medical professionals at her hospital. The young baby is already showing signs of possible intestinal problems caused by the Simply Thick gel use. It is likely that other residents in our state may have suffered similar complications from use of this product.

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), the digestive problem connected to Simply Thick, usually causes inflammation and eventual death of intestinal tissue. At least two infants have already been killed because of NEC caused by Simply Thick and well over a dozen more cases are being investigated by FDA officials. The FDA urges all parents to stop giving children this thickening gel immediately and to be on the lookout for potential signs of NEC. Symptoms such as bloated abdominal areas, feeding intolerance, green-tinged vomit, and bloody stool are all indications that some problems may have developed.

The stakes are far too high for any parent to ignore potential signs of complications. If your child or the infant of someone you know may have suffered injury caused by this thickening gel, be sure to get in contact with a Simply Thick lawyer to protect your legal rights. It is important for the victims of this problematic product to come forward and share their story so that more attention is brought to the issue and future victims are spared.

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