Legal Options Available For Infants Who Suffered Simply Thick Injury

Securing appropriate medical care is the first priority for any family who believes that their child may have suffered an injury because they were given the now-recalled Simply Thick gel. More parents are learning of the dangers of the product given to premature infants and frequently mixed into breast milk and baby formula. As blog readers know, the Food and Drug Administration continues to investigate the link between Simply Thick and the intestinal disorder known as necrotizing enterocolitis. It therefore remains vital for all families to stop using the product and quickly seek medical help at the first indication that problems may have developed.


However, once medical issues are addressed it is important for all those involved to understand how this product was allowed to harm so many infants and provide redress for those suffering. That is where a Simply Thick lawyer can help. The law provides that all those who manufacture products have a responsibility to ensure that they are safe for public use. When one of those products is unsafe, a product liability lawsuit can be brought to provide the necessary accountability and compensation.

In most locations these cases are guided by the principle of “strict liability.” For Simply Thick victims, this means that they are capable of succeeding in a lawsuit so long as it can be shown that the product was defective and the defect caused injury to their child. Unlike in other forms of injury cases, the court will not consider whether a specific act of negligence on the part of the manufacturers of the product led to the defect. This doctrine has been developed over decades in order to protect all those who unknowingly suffer harm from the products that they purchase. It ensures that businesses which profit from those sales cannot avoid liability for the harm they cause.

In this case, the investigation into the specific cause of the connection between Simply Thick and necrotizing enterocolitis is still underway. A possible bacterial contamination at one of the places where the product was made is a possible factor in the link. However, regardless of what information is discovered down the road, it remains crucial for all those who have children harmed by this product to contact a Simply Thick attorney quickly to provide accountability and protect others from suffering the same problems.

Our Simply Thick lawyer at the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman is working with families whose children have been harmed because of this product. It is important to share your story and learn the legal ramifications of this recall. It is also helpful to keep informed about new information related to safety of Simply Thick.

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