Investigations Continue Into the Safety of Simply Thick Gel

Families who have been following news of the Simply Thick recall may be feeling understandably anxious. Investigations are continuing into the safety of the product and its connection to the gastrointestinal disease known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warnings earlier this month about the danger the product poses to premature babies, many families realized that they may have unintentionally placed their infant at risk of developing this potentially deadly intestinal problem.baby_foot.jpg

The Simply Thick danger is particularly distressing because most families began giving the product to their prematurely born infant on the advice of their medical professional. Residents should be able to rely on the medical advice given by their healthcare providers. In this case it seems that the medical experts themselves were caught off-guard by the potential connection between Simply Thick and NEC.

The responsibility for the creation and promotion of this potentially dangerous product likely lies squarely with the manufacturers of Simply Thick. All those who sell items like this to the public have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe. This seems particularly true when a company is making a substance that is widely known to be given to our most vulnerable family members–premature infants.

Fortunately, the law in our state provides protection for those who are unknowingly injured because of an unsafe product. Generally the principle of “strict liability” applies in these cases, so that families can recover for their losses even without showing actual manufacturer negligence. In other words, the law places emphasis on the harm caused by the product instead of the specific actions of the manufacturer. Medical products can be deemed unsafe for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the substance is improperly designed (i.e. too much of an active ingredient). In other cases there is inadequate labeling or warnings that should have been given about the risks that the product poses.

Our Palm Beach injury lawyer works on behalf of all those who have been harmed by defective products. We continue to advocate for victims of the Simply Thick recall. One client is a local resident whose premature infant is showing signs of intestinal problems commonly associated with NEC. Other residents in our state may have children suffering similar complications from use of this product. The consequences of NEC are too high for any family to fail to act quickly if they suspect their child may have suffered adversely from the thickening gel. Two infants have already died from NEC complications and many more incidents of severe injury are under investigation by the FDA.

At the very least, all parents should stop using the product while remaining alert to all signs of complications. If you suspect that your child may have suffered any form of injury because of this product, it would be prudent to contact a Simply Thick lawyer to ensure that your family’s legal rights are protected. History has shown that many defective products are only taken off the shelves when victims come forward and press for accountability from the manufacturers.

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