Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney Explains Potential Dangers with Used Car Recalls

Most Palm Beach car accidents involve collisions between two or more vehicles, usually caused by the negligence of one of the drivers. Far too many area residents are harmed in these crashes each day. However, beyond these frequent incidents, cars often pose hidden dangers for many drivers. Those risks are particularly strong when one purchases a used car.

For example, WPTV reported yesterday on a college student who parked his 2009 Grand Prix in his school’s parking lot shortly before the vehicle unexpectedly burst into flames. The fire department rushed to put out the blaze, which engulfed the entire car. Fortunately the driver was not injured in that case.

Shockingly, the bizarre incident is not unique, as many other 2009 Grand Prix drivers have faced similar problems. One driver reports that his car fire almost destroyed his house.

He explained the situation: “There was steam coming out the front of the car. And I thought I must have blown a radiator hose. So I opened the hood to try and let the steam out. Thinking I was going to get steamed, I backed off and when I did flames came rushing out.”

Unknown to that driver or the college student, the cars that they had just bought at a used car dealership had actually been recalled a few months before because of the risk of engine leaks landing on the car’s manifold. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains how new car dealerships are forbidden from selling openly recalled vehicles, but the same rule does not apply to used car sellers. As a result, millions of cars with open recalls are on the road each day and many more are being sold in used lots throughout the country.

Our Palm Beach car accident lawyer at the law office of Erick Luckman encourage local drivers to do all in their power to ensure the safety of their vehicles–particularly those purchased from used car dealerships. Individuals can check to see if any recalls have been issued for their car by visiting this government safety website:

If you are ever harmed in your vehicle for any reason, whether it is the poor driving of another or a car malfunction, be sure to get in touch with a Palm Beach accident attorney to learn about your legal rights.

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