Florida Fireworks Accidents Often Caused By Faulty Products

Summer is a time of fun and relaxation for many here in Florida. But as our Florida personal injury attorney knows, entertainment can turn dangerous all too quickly. Though the picnics and parades that were part of July 4th celebrations are just a distant memory now, the fireworks used to celebrate our independence are coming back to haunt some.

Recently a Florida woman was hospitalized after she was injured by fireworks. The morning started innocently enough. While her boyfriend was still sleeping, she discovered fireworks left over from the Fourth of July. As reported in the Miami Herald, the woman was attempting to dispose of the fireworks her boyfriend had purchased several months earlier when they unintentionally ignited. The woman was rushed to the hospital but doctors were unable to save her thumb and two fingers. Continue reading “Florida Fireworks Accidents Often Caused By Faulty Products”

Florida Supreme Court Decisions Often Affect Florida Injury Lawsuits

Our Palm Beach injury attorney understands that a crucial component of the job of a lawyer is to understand all the ways that a client may recover for their losses. This often requires keeping up to date with all relevant legal decisions that may have ramifications for injury victims in our area. Most of the time this means that the lawyer needs to understand precedents in a given area of the law. These include previous cases and ruling on particular issues such as when a lawsuit must be filed, who can be sued, and other issues. In the vast majority of cases a court is bound by that precedent and must apply the rule decided in a previous case. However, in rare instances, an attorney is called upon to argue on behalf of a client in an area in which no previous rule has been created. Continue reading “Florida Supreme Court Decisions Often Affect Florida Injury Lawsuits”

Florida Food Poisoning Scare Causes Stores to Pull Turkey From Shelves

Our Palm Beach food poisoning lawyer closely follows all reported instances of possible food contamination in our area. Dangerous bacteria often use food as a breeding ground. When that food is not properly prepared by manufacturers, restaurant owners, and other businesses that handle the product, then consumers are at risk of suffering serious illness. Improperly prepared food can cause a wide range of problems, from nausea and vomiting to paralysis and death. Millions of people are affected by food-borne bacteria each year. salmonella turkey outbreak

The Sun Sentinel recently reported on the latest Florida food poisoning scare involving contaminated ground turkey. The problem has affected residents throughout the country over the past few months. Officials from the United States Department of Agriculture are still working to understand the outbreak and determine the best way to keep consumers safe. Investigators currently believe the problem can be traced to a manufacturer from Kansas known as Cargill Meat. The company apparently sold 36 million pounds of turkey to Walmart and Aldi supermarkets that may have become contaminated with a fatal strain of salmonella. Tests at the manufacturing site indicated the presence of a strain of the bacteria known as salmonella Heidelburg–known to be resistant to antibiotics. The contaminated turkey was produced over a five and a half month period in the first half of 2011. Continue reading “Florida Food Poisoning Scare Causes Stores to Pull Turkey From Shelves”

Disagreement Over Whether Red Light Cameras Prevent Palm Beach Car Accidents

West Palm Beach car accidents injure thousands of residents every year. While the total number of fatalities caused by these crashes has decreased slightly over the past decade the total number of accidents has remained constant. Unfortunately, negligent driving remains as prevalent in our area as ever before. It is only through superior safety designs by car manufacturers that fewer lives are lost in area accidents. Our Palm Beach car accident lawyer works with many victims who have been hurt by the driving mistakes of others. Continue reading “Disagreement Over Whether Red Light Cameras Prevent Palm Beach Car Accidents”

Serious Safety Violations Found At Palm Beach County Schools

Our Palm Beach injury lawyer has worked with many individuals who have been harmed because of poor property maintenance. Visitors have a reasonable expectation that their surroundings are safe when they are shopping at the grocery store, walking through a public building, or even visiting another’s home. Owners and operators of spaces generally have a duty to warn visitors of certain dangers that exist in the area and makes changes to eliminate those dangers. They can reasonably be held responsible for the harm caused when they fail in this duty. Continue reading “Serious Safety Violations Found At Palm Beach County Schools”

Government Report Reveals Prevalence of Preventable Florida Medical Errors

Florida medical malpractice has severe consequences on the lives of those affected. It is unacceptable for patients to visit a hospital to receive treat for an ailment only to get even more ill because of poor medical care. Unfortunately, these hospital errors occur much more frequently than most residents imagine.

ABC Action News reported last week on a new government report which shines a spotlight on the quality–or lack thereof–of many local hospitals. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) released information that shares the total number of “hospital acquired conditions” (HACs) reported at area facilities. These are infections and other ailments that a patient develops while they are staying in a hospital to seek aid for a separate condition. Research indicates that virtually all HACs can be prevented if hospitals follow proper prevention standards and guidelines. Common HACs include: air embolisms, blood incompatibilities, catheter-associate urinary tract infections, pressure ulcers, vascular catheter-associated infections, and many others. Continue reading “Government Report Reveals Prevalence of Preventable Florida Medical Errors”

Injured Toddlers At Center of Simply Thick Investigation

News continues to spread about the dangers posed to premature infants by the Simply Thick gel. As we have frequently explained, the product is under investigation for causing deadly intestinal problems in infants given the gel either at the hospital or at home. The problem is not regional, as our Simply Thick attorney is working with families across the country who have suffered problems linked to the product.

Earlier this week, WTHR News published a story on one girl that is involved in the FDA Investigation that remains underway following the voluntary Simply Thick recall. The now nineteen-month old child, Hannah Konkle, had to fight for her life after suffering from the intestinal disease known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Continue reading “Injured Toddlers At Center of Simply Thick Investigation”

Legal Options Available For Infants Who Suffered Simply Thick Injury

Securing appropriate medical care is the first priority for any family who believes that their child may have suffered an injury because they were given the now-recalled Simply Thick gel. More parents are learning of the dangers of the product given to premature infants and frequently mixed into breast milk and baby formula. As blog readers know, the Food and Drug Administration continues to investigate the link between Simply Thick and the intestinal disorder known as necrotizing enterocolitis. It therefore remains vital for all families to stop using the product and quickly seek medical help at the first indication that problems may have developed. Continue reading “Legal Options Available For Infants Who Suffered Simply Thick Injury”

Simply Thick Lawyer Warns of Fatal Risks to Infants from Necrotizing Enterocolitis

infant face.jpgOver the past few weeks our Simply Thick lawyer has been sharing information with families who have given their premature infant the Simply Thick gel. New information continues to pour in on the risks that the product poses to infants who take it. Earlier this month forms of the gel were recalled after several infants died following development of an intestinal problem known as necrotizing enterocolitis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating well over a dozen more cases of babies who may have been injured after using Simply Thick. Continue reading “Simply Thick Lawyer Warns of Fatal Risks to Infants from Necrotizing Enterocolitis”

Investigations Continue Into the Safety of Simply Thick Gel

Families who have been following news of the Simply Thick recall may be feeling understandably anxious. Investigations are continuing into the safety of the product and its connection to the gastrointestinal disease known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warnings earlier this month about the danger the product poses to premature babies, many families realized that they may have unintentionally placed their infant at risk of developing this potentially deadly intestinal problem.baby_foot.jpg

The Simply Thick danger is particularly distressing because most families began giving the product to their prematurely born infant on the advice of their medical professional. Residents should be able to rely on the medical advice given by their healthcare providers. In this case it seems that the medical experts themselves were caught off-guard by the potential connection between Simply Thick and NEC.

The responsibility for the creation and promotion of this potentially dangerous product likely lies squarely with the manufacturers of Simply Thick. All those who sell items like this to the public have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe. This seems particularly true when a company is making a substance that is widely known to be given to our most vulnerable family members–premature infants. Continue reading “Investigations Continue Into the Safety of Simply Thick Gel”