Teen Survives After Spear Enters His Head

In a bizarre accident involving the shooting of a spear, the victim miraculously survived. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Nasser Lopez survived the June 8 accident where he and his 15-year-old friend were relaxing at the lake near Lopez’s Miami-Dade home. Lopez was swimming in the lake while his friend was manipulating a spear gun at a distance. While the friend was loading the spear gun, he touched the trigger, catapulting the three-foot long spear towards Lopez. Our Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer appreciates that accidents can occur even in the unlikeliest of settings.

spear gun.jpgAccording to reports, the spear accidentally fired by the 15-year-old struck Lopez and went through his skull and brain. Doctors from the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Army Trauma Training staff that helped treat Lopez produced the remarkable x-ray that shows the spear protruding from the front to the back of his skull. Doctors who treated Lopez reported that the spear entered Lopez’s head about an inch over his right eye and exited in the back of his head. According to neurosurgeon Ross Bullock, Lopez was able to survive this terrible accident because the spear missed all the main blood vessels of the brain. Although Lopez has miraculously survived, he has undoubtedly suffered major brain injury, causing an indefinite stay in the hospital in order for doctors to further treat him and have a better idea of the extent of his injuries. Continue reading “Teen Survives After Spear Enters His Head”

Ongoing Investigation After Family Dies in Plane Crash

drones.jpgIn a tragic plane crash that occurred last week, no survivors emerged from the wreckage. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, the only passengers of the small plane were the six members of the Bramlage family. Ronald Bramlage was piloting the plane while his wife, Rebecca, and their four children were also aboard. Our Palm Beach County injury lawyer appreciates the immense tragedy of these accidents. From a legal perspective we also understand the many different issues that are implicated when these incidents occurred. For one thing, small planes are much more likely to malfunction as opposed to a commercial aircraft. The cause of the malfunction may result in various legal ramifications. Continue reading “Ongoing Investigation After Family Dies in Plane Crash”

Man Arrested for Leaving the Scene of Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Volusia County that occurred in February. According to an article in Palm Beach Post, an SUV driver hit the motorcyclist on State Road 415 and immediately left the scene. It was only recently that investigations by the Florida Highway Patrol finally revealed the identity of the driver. The man was arrested at his home on Thursday. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death and reckless driving for going too fast for the rainy conditions. This tragic local event is a reminder to our Palm Beach County motorcycle accident lawyer about the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle in our area. As this case demonstrates, the risks exist even if the motorcyclist engages in careful riding at all times.motorcycle.jpg

This latest hit and run case illustrates the vulnerability of motorcycle riders. After being hit by the SUV, the rider was thrown from her bike into oncoming traffic. She was then hit by two other drivers and died at the scene.

The Florida Highway Patrol officers were able to determine the SUV driver was present in the area at the time of the accident by examining his cell phone records on the night of the accident. Further, investigators found a receipt in his SUV that showed he had paid a bill shortly before the accident occurred at a restaurant that was in close proximity to the location of the crash. All of this information will likely be important evidence in any subsequent legal actions related to this crash: both criminal and civil.

Palm Beach Motorcycle Accidents

In a previous post, we provided statistics to illustrate the serious dangers of riding a motorcycle. To reiterate, according to the most recent Florida Traffic Crash Statistic Report in 2010, 350 motorcyclists were killed and 6,686 were injured across the state as a result of these accidents. This striking statistic not only provides a clearer picture of just how dangerous riding a motorcycle is, but it also shows that the motorcyclist is likely to suffer the most severe injuries when involved in an accident.

This is often not because the motorcyclist themselves are anything less than careful, but because of the misconduct of those with whom they are sharing the road. Continue reading “Man Arrested for Leaving the Scene of Fatal Motorcycle Accident”

Verdict Returned in Local Car Accident Injury Case

A terrible motor vehicle accident that occurred in 2009 was finally resolved this week. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, Leslie Opper, the victim in the accident who suffered severe injuries, was awarded a $9.3 million verdict by an Indian River County civil court jury.

courthouse.jpgOur Palm Beach County personal injury attorney understands that several factors are taken into consideration when a jury determines the amount of compensation that should be given to the injured party in his/her recovery. For example, whether the injuries are permanent and whether the victim is unable to work due to the nature of the injuries sustained are a few of many different critical factors that the jury must consider in making its determination. While verdicts of this size garner headlines, it is important to remember that each case is decided on very specific individual factors. Continue reading “Verdict Returned in Local Car Accident Injury Case”

Man Attacks Girlfriend With Scissors After Argument

A lovers’ spat quickly turned into a serious altercation, involving criminal charges and serious injuries. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, Joseph David Knowles is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and simple battery. Knowles was arrested on Monday for allegedly attacking his girlfriend with a pair of scissors. What provoked Knowles’ outrageous conduct was an argument that he and his girlfriend had earlier in the day. Continue reading “Man Attacks Girlfriend With Scissors After Argument”

Grandparents Put Child in Danger by Towing Her in Toy Car

SUV (Hamed Saber).jpgA day of fun with her grandparents could have ended in tragedy for a 7-year-old girl in Sarasota County. According to an article in The Herald Tribune, Paul J. Berloni and Belinda Jean Berloni, grandparents of the young girl, towed the girl in a plastic car behind their SUV. Reports indicate that Paul, the driver of the SUV, was drunk while the girl was being towed. Our Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer appreciates that serious accidents can even happen in situations like this one where malicious intent is not present.

Like many loving grandparents, Paul and Jean were babysitting their granddaughter on a Sunday afternoon. As a way to entertain the child, Paul and Jean decided to tie a plastic Hot Wheels car to their SUV and pull the toy car while the child was sitting in it. The toy car was tied to a trailer hitch with two dog leashes. A deputy who had saw the SUV pulling the toy car estimated that the SUV was travelling at a speed of 5 to 10 mph. Continue reading “Grandparents Put Child in Danger by Towing Her in Toy Car”

Fight Erupts at a Jacksonville Beach Golf Course

golf (chispeta).jpgA brawl took place at the Jacksonville Beach Municipal Golf Course on Saturday afternoon. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, the battle erupted between two groups of golfers. Surprisingly, the group that initiated the attack consisted of two elderly men and two elderly women. The main culprit in the group was 61-year-old James Alonzo Hines. According to an arrest report, Hines was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He was jailed and later released. Our Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer understands that violent attacks can occur in the unlikeliest of places – even in safe and friendly venues.

The group that was attacked was comprised of six young men who were out celebrating the pending nuptials of their friend Donald Salsbery. The individuals who suffered injuries from the incident were Murdock Hampe, Michael Hankin, and Justin Ravel. The elderly group was golfing behind the young men and had become impatient with the slow-paced game of the young men, claiming that they were holding up their game. The young golfers were neither drunk nor driving their golf cart recklessly. They were simply enjoying the day and playing a leisurely game of golf. Continue reading “Fight Erupts at a Jacksonville Beach Golf Course”

Fire Strikes Twice at Palm Beach Condominium

fire.jpgA condominium complex in suburban West Palm Beach was struck by fire for the second consecutive night. The building, a two-story four-unit condominium, is located south of Gun Club Road and west of Haverhill Road. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, fire-rescue crews were called to the first fire around 11:58 p.m. on Monday night. The cause of the fire is still reported to be unknown. Firefighters were called to a second fire at the same location at approximately 1:52 a.m. in the early hours of Wednesday. Again, investigations have yet to reveal the cause of the second fire. Our Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer understands that regardless of whether the cause of an accident is known, people will be injured in unfortunate situations like this, and they often have certain legal rights which allow them to be compensated for their suffering. Continue reading “Fire Strikes Twice at Palm Beach Condominium”

Automobile Crashes into Supermarket–Reminder of Ever-Present Car Accident Risks

Similar to the plane crash that was reported in our previous post, an unusual accident occurred at a Central Florida supermarket, injuring ten Palm Beach residents. Thelma Wagenhoffer, a 76-year-old woman, crashed into a Publix supermarket. According to an article in The Daytona Beach News-Journal, an investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol reveals that Wagenhoffer’s 2004 Toyota Camry “accelerated rapidly as it crossed the parking lot” and crashed into the Publix. After crashing through the glass doors, the vehicle continued to travel for at least another 40-50 feet. The incident occurred early in the afternoon on Saturday. Our Palm Beach County automobile crash attorney understands that these sorts of bizarre accidents happen more frequently than some might suspect. Innocent bystanders are often hurt in the process Continue reading “Automobile Crashes into Supermarket–Reminder of Ever-Present Car Accident Risks”

Florida Plane Crash Injures Five

A horrific scene unfolded in an Orlando supermarket this week when a small airplane crashed through the roof of the store. According to an article in the Claims Journal, two passengers on the aircraft and three customers at the grocery store were injured in the crash. The incident occurred around 7:20 on Tuesday evening, and eyewitnesses say that it was as though something had exploded inside the store. The impact was so severe that several people were knocked off their feet. plane.jpg

The plane and store caught fire immediately. Fueled by the aircraft’s exploding gas tank, the fire continued to blaze for more than an hour after firefighters arrived. Customers inside the store hurried through the smoke to get outside, where, for the first time, they saw the airplane and were able to identify what was happening. While most customers did not suffer any major injury, there were reports of several people, including the pilot and co-pilot, whose clothing was on fire. One shopper, a college student named Brendan Beitler, sustained burn injuries on his leg when his pants caught fire. Altogether, five people were hospitalized, but they are all expected to be released in the near future. Of course, even the people who sustained no physical injuries suffered a great deal of emotional trauma due to the fear and the horror of seeing people literally burning around them. Continue reading “Florida Plane Crash Injures Five”