Golf Cart Accident Leads to Lawsuit Over Lack of Warnings

Golf carts are a popular transportation device throughout the area. The convenience of being able to quickly load up supplies and visit the beach or a neighbor without getting into a car has lead more and more families to purchase a golf cart. Yet, while these machines do not travel as fast as cars, it is unwise to assume the risk of harm is lessened. Florida golf cart accidents strike all the time, and the results are sometimes serious. Continue reading “Golf Cart Accident Leads to Lawsuit Over Lack of Warnings”

Parents of former FAMU Student Sue School Following Hazing Death

FAMU made national headlines last year for an incident it would just as soon wished never happened–a student died following a brutal hazing incident. A 26-year old member of the state university’s famous “Marching 100” died aboard a school charter bus while the school was at a football game last November. Continue reading “Parents of former FAMU Student Sue School Following Hazing Death”

Florida Police Pursuit Ends in Collision

Several were injured in a police pursuit that ended in a serious collision on Monday evening in St. Petersburg. According to an article in The Tampa Bay Times, the Gulfport police officers were chasing a stolen car into St. Petersburg, where the stolen car collided with a bus that then crashed into an apartment building. As our experienced Palm Beach accident attorney knows, the probability of the occurrence of automobile accidents is severely increased during dangerous police pursuits.

car side (chris meller).jpgMiraculously, there were no deaths resulting from this accident. However, at least two people from the stolen vehicle suffered injuries, as well as several bus passengers. According to Gulfport police Chief Robert Vincent, the incident started at 5:50 p.m. when Gulfport police Officer Jesse Kellington saw a 2012 silver Toyota Venza on the road during his routine patrol. Officer Kellington’s alerts were triggered after he checked the license plate of the vehicle and discovered that the vehicle was listed as stolen. The St. Petersburg police department revealed that the car was an Avis rental and had been stolen on Sunday after a woman had left her keys in the ignition. Continue reading “Florida Police Pursuit Ends in Collision”

Fourth of July Boaters Likely to Exercise Unsafe Conduct

The Fourth of July is a day of celebration with family and friends. Traditional activities on this special day add a tinge of danger, requiring individuals to be responsible and exercise safe conduct. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, the July Fourth holiday is traditionally one of the busiest boating days of the year. Our Palm Beach personal injury lawyer recognizes that times of celebration such as Independence Day create an atmosphere of relaxation and leisure, which often causes individuals to display a lack of common sense and to be careless in their behavior. It is not unusual for Palm Beach County boaters to exude carelessness during this particular holiday celebration. It is likely that the agencies policing the water will find many boaters who overload their vessels, drive them after drinking, fail to have enough life jackets of the correct size for each person on board, or operate their boats recklessly. Continue reading “Fourth of July Boaters Likely to Exercise Unsafe Conduct”

Child Seriously Injured After Unprovoked Dog Attack

An 11-year-old was viciously attacked by a dog, causing serious injury to her face that will require ongoing medical treatment. According to an article in WPBF News, Jacklyn Tucker is undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatments after having her upper lip ripped off by a friend’s family dog. Since the attack, Jacklyn has been receiving treatment at the intensive care unit at St. Mary’s Medical Center. Reports do not indicate that the little girl did anything to disturb the dog. According to Jack Tucker, Jacklyn’s father, the dog was on the floor and started growling at her. Our Palm Beach injury attorneys are aware that dogs can viciously attack even when unprovoked. Children are often the victims of these incidents. Continue reading “Child Seriously Injured After Unprovoked Dog Attack”

Teen Survives After Spear Enters His Head

In a bizarre accident involving the shooting of a spear, the victim miraculously survived. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Nasser Lopez survived the June 8 accident where he and his 15-year-old friend were relaxing at the lake near Lopez’s Miami-Dade home. Lopez was swimming in the lake while his friend was manipulating a spear gun at a distance. While the friend was loading the spear gun, he touched the trigger, catapulting the three-foot long spear towards Lopez. Our Palm Beach County personal injury lawyer appreciates that accidents can occur even in the unlikeliest of settings.

spear gun.jpgAccording to reports, the spear accidentally fired by the 15-year-old struck Lopez and went through his skull and brain. Doctors from the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Army Trauma Training staff that helped treat Lopez produced the remarkable x-ray that shows the spear protruding from the front to the back of his skull. Doctors who treated Lopez reported that the spear entered Lopez’s head about an inch over his right eye and exited in the back of his head. According to neurosurgeon Ross Bullock, Lopez was able to survive this terrible accident because the spear missed all the main blood vessels of the brain. Although Lopez has miraculously survived, he has undoubtedly suffered major brain injury, causing an indefinite stay in the hospital in order for doctors to further treat him and have a better idea of the extent of his injuries. Continue reading “Teen Survives After Spear Enters His Head”

Ongoing Investigation After Family Dies in Plane Crash

drones.jpgIn a tragic plane crash that occurred last week, no survivors emerged from the wreckage. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, the only passengers of the small plane were the six members of the Bramlage family. Ronald Bramlage was piloting the plane while his wife, Rebecca, and their four children were also aboard. Our Palm Beach County injury lawyer appreciates the immense tragedy of these accidents. From a legal perspective we also understand the many different issues that are implicated when these incidents occurred. For one thing, small planes are much more likely to malfunction as opposed to a commercial aircraft. The cause of the malfunction may result in various legal ramifications. Continue reading “Ongoing Investigation After Family Dies in Plane Crash”

Man Arrested for Leaving the Scene of Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Volusia County that occurred in February. According to an article in Palm Beach Post, an SUV driver hit the motorcyclist on State Road 415 and immediately left the scene. It was only recently that investigations by the Florida Highway Patrol finally revealed the identity of the driver. The man was arrested at his home on Thursday. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death and reckless driving for going too fast for the rainy conditions. This tragic local event is a reminder to our Palm Beach County motorcycle accident lawyer about the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle in our area. As this case demonstrates, the risks exist even if the motorcyclist engages in careful riding at all times.motorcycle.jpg

This latest hit and run case illustrates the vulnerability of motorcycle riders. After being hit by the SUV, the rider was thrown from her bike into oncoming traffic. She was then hit by two other drivers and died at the scene.

The Florida Highway Patrol officers were able to determine the SUV driver was present in the area at the time of the accident by examining his cell phone records on the night of the accident. Further, investigators found a receipt in his SUV that showed he had paid a bill shortly before the accident occurred at a restaurant that was in close proximity to the location of the crash. All of this information will likely be important evidence in any subsequent legal actions related to this crash: both criminal and civil.

Palm Beach Motorcycle Accidents

In a previous post, we provided statistics to illustrate the serious dangers of riding a motorcycle. To reiterate, according to the most recent Florida Traffic Crash Statistic Report in 2010, 350 motorcyclists were killed and 6,686 were injured across the state as a result of these accidents. This striking statistic not only provides a clearer picture of just how dangerous riding a motorcycle is, but it also shows that the motorcyclist is likely to suffer the most severe injuries when involved in an accident.

This is often not because the motorcyclist themselves are anything less than careful, but because of the misconduct of those with whom they are sharing the road. Continue reading “Man Arrested for Leaving the Scene of Fatal Motorcycle Accident”

Verdict Returned in Local Car Accident Injury Case

A terrible motor vehicle accident that occurred in 2009 was finally resolved this week. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, Leslie Opper, the victim in the accident who suffered severe injuries, was awarded a $9.3 million verdict by an Indian River County civil court jury.

courthouse.jpgOur Palm Beach County personal injury attorney understands that several factors are taken into consideration when a jury determines the amount of compensation that should be given to the injured party in his/her recovery. For example, whether the injuries are permanent and whether the victim is unable to work due to the nature of the injuries sustained are a few of many different critical factors that the jury must consider in making its determination. While verdicts of this size garner headlines, it is important to remember that each case is decided on very specific individual factors. Continue reading “Verdict Returned in Local Car Accident Injury Case”

Man Attacks Girlfriend With Scissors After Argument

A lovers’ spat quickly turned into a serious altercation, involving criminal charges and serious injuries. According to an article in The Palm Beach Post, Joseph David Knowles is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and simple battery. Knowles was arrested on Monday for allegedly attacking his girlfriend with a pair of scissors. What provoked Knowles’ outrageous conduct was an argument that he and his girlfriend had earlier in the day. Continue reading “Man Attacks Girlfriend With Scissors After Argument”